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VCR1: Sewers / Rat King - Leather CS

by Sewers and Rat King

$8.00 / Sold Out

Cassette comes in hand-made 100% kangaroo leather case.


Chinese Tommy is a newer cut from the Sewers oeuvre. It is houdini-like, daring to walk the tightrope between race and racism. Highlighting the seething, ugly undercurrent that is alive and well in mainstream Australian culture. It could be considered a foreshadowing of Tony Abbott’s dystopian vision for the country. They follow this up by tipping their hat to legendary Adelaide band Grong Grong. Sewers cover GG’s insurmountable demo ‘Japanese Train Diver’ (originally found on Grong’ compilation‘To Hell and Back’). Sewers wisely take a rote-approach knowing that this is an engine not be toyed with.

I don’t know about you but the first Rat King track ‘Sick Pills’ is nothing like any dingers I’ve taken. More like some bad acid, this batch makes you feel like molasses, real sticky. Then the ‘Kingers’ accidentally ended up on Hunter Street (Newcastle, Australia) and some local thugs, jacked-up on horse-meat, arms thicker than trunks fancied a piece of the young lads who only narrowly escape. Yeah, Rat King have a knack for accurately portraying the nasty things going on around them. ‘Browood’ is an older brother holding your head under water until you almost drowned. Mum’s up at the shops buying bread. Here the banality of evil is made interesting and enticing.